Al Najah Safety & Security Systems Fix L.L.C is the application of science and engineering principles to ‎protect people, property, and their environments from the harmful and destructive ‎effects of fire and smoke. It encompasses fire protection engineering which focuses on fire ‎detection, suppression and mitigation and fire safety engineering which focuses on ‎human behavior and maintaining a tenable environment for evacuation from a fire. The ‎discipline of fire design & engineering includes, but is not exclusive to:‎

  • Fire detection - fire alarm systems and call point system
  • Active fire protection - fire suppression systems
  • Smoke control and management
  • Escape facilities - emergency exits, etc.
  • Hydraulic calculations

Al Najah Safety & Security Systems Fix L.L.C identify risks and design ‎safeguards that aid in preventing, controlling, and mitigating the effects of fires. Our ‎company also assist architects, building owners and developers in evaluating buildings' ‎life safety and property protection goals. ‎